Movement Images

Tuesday we were set a brief to create a moving image that shows either the theme Journey or cal and we had to do the project in groups. In our group we decided to go with Journey as our theme and started brain storming our ideas on paper. Out of all of the idea we chose one idea which consisted of getting a picture of people walk passed each other in the park.

We searched for many settings for the images but in the end we found a perfect spot were the walk path stretched long and on either side was trees. which gave us a perfect set up for the photos.


Next job was to take photos of individuals walking up the path and back.

There was three of us in the group and all three went for a lonely walk up the path while one stood taking pictures of the walk. Then when it came to Photoshop we cropped and combined the images to show the movement of the image.


This was our piece after the editing and overlapping the layers. Here we have achieved a moving picture in a unique style. As you can see that the pictures attract the eye and you follow down the line which gives the idea of moving away and also some pictures are facing the camera that shows people walking back up the path giving the impression of movement.

It was a very interesting projects challenging our photography skills and photo editing work but with team work we achieved a nice and interesting piece of work compared to other groups in the class. Unlike other groups we wanted a still photo and the journey involving around us and i believe that the group and myself have succeeded to do it.


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