Constellation: Biomimicry and Biomorphic

Study group lecture consisted of looking and understanding the terms Biomimicry and Biomorphic which are used in the world of design development.

Biomorphic – Resemblance or suggest the forms of a living organism.

This term is used or discussed when designing objects in the resemblance of a creature, such as these unique buildings.


This is the TWA Flight Centre in J.F.Kennedy Airport in New York city. The architect was to create something modern and unique based on the theme of flight. The architect Eero Saarinen decided to take inspiration from the Bald Eagle because it’s known as America’s national bird. When looking closer from this angle of the building the bird of prey becomes clear,  with it’s long large wings and its head with a hooked beak comes into view. This is a Biomorphic design because it has been developed on a living organism.


This is another animal inspired design by Alessi Kastor. Alessi has designed this product in an image of a Beaver. Why a Beaver?. Well the product he’s designing is a pencil sharpener and it’s job is to carve around the pencil to get a nice tip, hence the theme of a Beaver .  The Beaver eats  and cuts wood in to shapes to make dens therefore it’s ideal to use as a motive  for a pencil sharpener , similarly to  the eagle for the airport because the eagle is one of the great birds of the sky.

Biomimicry – The imitation of natural biological designs or process in engineering.

This term is used when scientists, designers and engineers come together to research into organisms to discover new idea for material or products that could make things better for every day life.


 Scientists and designers have come together to create door handle stickers that repel bacteria thanks to the research into Shark skin. Shark skin has been found to be  anti bacterial material because when researching closely to the life of Sharks they discovered that Sharks don’t catch or carry any sort of bacteria or fungi unlike other sea ocean creatures. This is Biomimicry because they have researched into organisms to discover  how they work in order that they can be imitated in new inventions.


 There’s a great amount of research going into Geckos, because of  their ability to climb any kind of surface due to their padded feet which are made of millions and billions of tiny fibres that grip on anything. Scientists and designers are working together to create a new type of climbing clothing that will allow people to climb like the Gecko.

Today’s lecture was very interesting, I especially enjoyed learning about the different projects that scientists and designers study  in order to achieve new technology break throughs, thanks to the unique creatures we have on earth



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