Image: Implicit and Explicit

In this lecture we learn’t how images can be used to portray messages from the obvious to the less obvious. Implicit are photos are usually metaphorical that contain hidden messages and meanings.  It is an indirect way of implying an idea by the photographer or designer. Unlike Implicit images, Explicit are images that have a direct idea or message to the audience.

We looked at example pictures of these terms like the ” The Falling Man “.


This image is an explicit photograph, taken by an American photographer called Richard Drew. Its an explicit image because it ain’t obvious whats happening, the background ain’t exciting there isn’t any attraction. But when we look more closely to the image the background comes more recognisable. The strips running down on the left side are darker than the lines on the right which tells us that the background is 3D and suddenly it all comes together. The image is a man who has jumped out of the World Trade Centre “Twin Towers”. Because the photo is unclear to start with, this makes the photo an Explicit image.


Straight away you can see what the image is showing. This photograph shows the refugees arriving on safe soil after escaping from their home country because of violent wars. These images are used in newspapers, online and on the news because it presents an obvious story/ message.


After the lecture we were set to do a task which started by us being placed into pares and then take a individual Explicit photo. I was with Ffion for this task and both already had an idea what we wanted our photos to show. My idea was to create an explicit photograph that showed a hidden message of my personality and physical appearance. I am short in height and i’m always thinking of things, like new designs and ideas. so i though if Ffion took a picture of me from my face up, while i look up into the emptiness. This will give an idea of my height and also with my eyes looking up brings the idea of me thinking.

We had three images in the end of myself and we had an hour to edit them before presenting the class. I like the blue one because my blue eyes stood out on the blue wall but my favourite one was the third image because it shows the emptiness and also my smile gives the idea that i’m creative thinking and it makes me happy even though i might be looking up at others most of the time. It was a great laugh creating our explicit photograph an i use this one as my Twitter profile picture already so i got something out of doing this task.

In our pares we have been set to create an Implicit image as well and i will be writing an other post on that task when we finish producing the final piece.


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