Cardiff In Image

We were set a task to go into a group of four and in our groups we were given a list of four things we need to take pictures of. On our list it said that in our groups we need to get pictures that will fit the categories “Land of my fathers”, “City of Unexpected”, “W’exit” and “Concrete Jingle”.

Together we decided on four pictures that answered the four categories on our list and then present to the class.

  1. City of Unexpected


Roald Dahl’s City of unexpected left us some unexpected surprises. This Rabbit was created for the City of Unexpected festival and has been left on top of the castle gardens wall to watch people pass. This was our choice for the category because it is obvious what the picture is saying.

2. Land of my fathers


This image suits the category very much because the statue of Tasker Watkins stands strong and proud in front of the Principality Stadium which gives an image of a Father looking over our land and also the stadium in the background also a symbol of the category because in the stadium we hear the song “Mae hen wlad fy nhadau” sang out at the start of every welsh football or rugby game.

3. W’Exit


Wales Exit category gives the idea of Wales leaving the UK following Brexit. This was the most difficult category on our list but we had a lot of help with Photoshop in this image to add the National flag in the window underneath the fire exit which presents the idea of Wales leaving the UK.

4. Concrete Jingle


All of us in the group had the idea that Concrete jungle should be an image of buildings because most are concrete built and when together they look like tall jungle trees standing tall throughout the city. Problem was that Cardiff isn’t like New York because the Manhattan island looks like an entire jungle created of Skyscrapers. But after looking deep into the city we came across to a building site where there was a construction of some buildings and also the deconstruction. The image show the Concrete jungle getting demolished which ironically resembles the jungles and rain forests of today were the trees get cut down for materials in industry.

This task was a lot of fun and gained more team work experiences. Our group work got good feed back because we showed the categories in Explicit manner. This means that the photos had hidden context which made the audience think more deeply to find the category of the image.


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