This week we got a grips with Adobe Photoshop which will help us in the future when editing photos from the internet or our own photography. In the workshop we created high contrast images for making photo screens ready for when we start doing some screen printing.

It had to be a photo that you have taken but other than that it could be anything, so i decided to use a photo of a Citroen DS3 WRC because i have a love of rallying and also the Citroen DS3 rally car is finishing and the C3 is taking its place next year.

ds3 s2000.jpg

I took this photo on the weekend when watching the Rally GB over the weekend. This picture is great to print because its a close up picture and also it has some action to it.


First job was to change the picture into a black and white by going on image then select grey scale. After that i played with some contrast and brightness before moving on to the filters.


First filter made the picture darker and all the white a bit brighter, by doing this the image loses some detail on the car as seen on the bonnet.


The second filter brings out the details of the logos and creates a better picture. i expect that when these two picture come together it will create a interesting picture and hopefully the car will stand out from the darkness of the background.


Pretty happy with the emerged picture of the two layers. Like i said it has brought out the cars details such as the logos and sponsors. Now i just hope that the picture will come out well when doing some screen printing. If the picture doesn’t show through on the screen printing i will choose a better photo but it will be simple and an image of an object.


I’ve decided to use this photo as a back up because the rally car is a very complicated shape to use for screen printing. With this it will stand out and the picture will be more effective in the screen print.


This is the image when i placed it in Photoshop and gave it some editing to create a unique shade and will help me with the screen printing.


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