Constellaition – Archigram

Today in our study groups we learn’t about Archigram, which was a group of male architects that was based at the architectural association in London. It was a Neo futuristic group which presented images and diagrams in order to create a new reality.

The group was consisted of 6 architects all from different fields but all six had the same opinions on architecture. Peter Cook, Warren Chalk, Ron Herron, Michael Webb and David Greene set up the group and together they created a magazine/ blue print document to show their thoughts and what should the cities have in a new exciting architecture.

Cities are growing and evolve, they carry every generation and in the generations cities change and evolve with the times. Well the Archigram group came up with crazy, modern and unique idea to evolve the cities to create simplicity in architecture and also create a more interesting and exciting ways to go at architecture of buildings. They wanted to move away from boring concrete and past years materials and move on to more new more modern materials when constructing buildings. They wanted a new style a new unique look to buildings and make them efficent for the ever evolving cities.


zvg001Ron Herron designed this really futuristic city and very boncers idea of making a city that walks. The idea was that the city was never boring the city will have a different environment, so a walking Cardiff could move from South East of Wales and crawl to the North or even move to a completely different country. It’s hard to believe that in the 1960s architects were already thinking of these out of the box ideas. In this century we have quite similar ideas but not in the large scale design of Ron Herron’s idea.

harmony-of-the-seas-1-1170x660We have large cruise ships on our oceans, these are huge floating cities with cinemas, number of restaurants, gyms, number of shops and swimming pools, play deck and many other things including the wonderful view of the ocean around the ship. But theres one interesting cruise ship called “MS The World” which carries peoples homes for all year round. People pay a resident unit to live on the ship or for a second home. It has 165 residential sweets, and can carry 100-300 residents including their guests which gives it a gross weight of 43, 524 tons. On this 644 feet ship it has a city on bored including grocery store, some pubs and restaurants, athletic deck and more. This ship is a moving city where people can live on the ship all year round.  In a way this is similar but in a small scale of Ron Herron’s walking city and also it floats instead of walks.

But unlike Ron Herron and his group the cruise liners designer have been created and are in use, the designs and ideas done by the Archigram group never made it to the construction process. All of the idea was hand drawn as concepts, which is very sad but the future is ever evolving with the technology so maybe we shall see the unique designs come to reality in the future.

After learning about the group and the architects beliefs you could see that all six have the similar thinking and ideas as Sant’Elia who also doesn’t like the decorative side of architecture and also they believe that we all should live in the here and now and make the best of what we have now.


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