Typespecimen Poster feed back

Monday was our presentation day for our week project creating a typespecimen poster. We were set in pares to discuss each others posters saying some positives and negatives. Then our lecturer went around the parings and in our pares we present our feedback of the poster to the class. Then the class and the lecturer gave us their thoughts to the poster. The poster i decided with was this because i really liked how it springs out of the page and also it fills the page better than any other poster i had designed.


The feedback we all had four posters was to stop bleed on the page which means to trim the page to get rid of the white frame around the page. But the feedback i had aimed at my poster that titles that runs down the page doesn’t work on posters and also the “R” should be bigger and bolder with date to be less of a size and in a grey colour. Well in my research i discovered that some retro Rockwell fonts used in surf culture have their dates or numbers bigger than the actual name or title of a surf brand. So my opinion is to play about more with the dates and also the “R” to see what ill come up with.

With all the feed back i’ m gonna make sure that my poster will be done again with some small and possibly big changes.


My fellow designers also had few positives and negative feed backs on their posters, but all were very interesting and all were unique in their own way which was nice to see because it brought some verity on the studio wall.

It was very interesting and eye opening unit Typography and i really enjoyed coming to know different terms and ways to present letterforms in illustrator and InDesign. Looking forward to move on to a new unit to see what it has in store for us!


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