Typespecimen Poster Designing


After all the research on Rockwell it was time to start designing posters. In the brief it is asked us to create an innovating and exciting poster and they have to be designed and created based on what we had learnt over the four weeks of studying Typography.

I had some ideas of how could I make my poster unique when analysing other posters which I’ve already posted on my blog in research.


The pictures are photos from my sketchbook that include my designs. I completed around 10 designs at first and asked my tutor group what they thought of them. They said that some of my designs didn’t really comply to one point of the brief because the poster included an image. However they really liked the designs which used numbers more than letters, for example I’ve used the date ” 1934 ” as a prominent heading which captures the eyes of the readers.

This got me thinking of combining the numbers in my designs, so after more contemplation I came to three different designs which incorporated the idea of using the date to attract the eye of the audience.

rock3jpgrock2-jpegrock1-jpgI took these three posters forward and designed used illustrator and InDesign to bring the text into the columns on the page.

Out of the three my least favourite is the second poster because the page seems very empty, I wasn’t using the blank spaces well and the numbers look like they are just there to fill the space. Also, there aren’t any punctuation marks, ligatures and glyphs in this poster whereas in the other two posters I have added them which results in a more effective posters.

I’m torn between to the other two posters because the different shades in the first poster really brings out the text,   the big bold black date and the Rockwell on the side with the big grey iconic R standing out in the background creating a 3D effect  on the page. I also like on the layout of the first poster where the text has been placed in a way that makes the reader focus on the font in between the letter and the emptiness, thus creating an impression of looking into the past of the typeface. Looking back into the history, learning about the typeface in a detailed manner.

Both posters have a retro and surf style look about them, in the third poster  the date stands out on the page and the way it is placed, overlapping , gives a wacky,  retro, cool feel which highlights the possibilities of the Rockwell typeface.

All three posters are made and designed into columns, these columns create a systematic layout to the text and as you can see on the posters the three paragraphs are neatly placed on the paper. This ensures that there aren’t any rivers forming in the paragraphs in between the lines.








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