Induction to Neo Futurism


Today I had my first study group lecture on Neo Futurism. It was an induction but we did cover a lot and I learnt many interesting things in the two hours. The first lecture was all about understanding Neo futurism and we heard about some iconic people who have strongly placed their beliefs in history on the theory of futurism.

We learnt about two well-known artists who have left their mark in the world of futurism, namely  Filippo Tommaso Emilio Marietti an Italian poet who had strong beliefs on futurism and was angry with people using the past for the present. His friend also was angry with people bringing up the past, his name was Antonio Sant’Elia who was an architect that had the same beliefs as Marietti. Both wanted people to look forward and use the new technology in the present to create something modern and unique. In 1908 Marrietti crashed his beloved Vintage Fiat in a race with his friends and at that moment he had the idea of creating a manifesto to tell people that futurism is the way forward.

In the manifesto and in the arguments set by Marrietti and Sant’Elia they put forward the notion that it’s unacceptable to borrow from the past and they believe its wrong to do this. Well in my mind, this would depend on what’s being designed and in some instances it would be beneficial to take ideas from the past.

I love my cars, since I was a little boy I have always loved anything that had wheels especially old vehicles and I still enjoy seeing and working on classic cars and transport. Growing up I learnt a lot about mechanics and I have enjoyed spending time helping my dad restore vintage vehicles.  The car that got me interested in this hobby is a Triumph GT6 mk3 1975 which is a beautiful car, designed by Italian designer called Giovanni Michelotti who also designed Ferrari’s and Triumphs. It is a rare car and not many were manufactured because it was a hard top racing version of the Triumph Spitfire. Triumph was a very successful company selling a number of their cars in the United States, towards the end of triumph era Bavarian Motor Works (BMW) bought Triumph cars out and in 1996 BMW launched the Z3, following it in 2003 with the Z4. After years of marvelling at the beautiful Italian design of the gt6 I started seeing some similarities between the triumph gt6 / spitfire in the z3/z4 cars.

Triumph Gt6

Image result for triumph gt6 mk3


Image result for bmw z4

BMW Z4 Roadster

Image result for bmw z4 roadster

Triumph Spitfire

Image result for triumph spitfire mk5

As you can see there are small similarities and I don’t like this because the original design is Triumph’s and I feel that BMW has used it and stuck its badge on the front. It’s like Vauxhall as well. My passion for cars lead me to sell my quad bike at the age of 13 years old  and with the money I bought myself an old Vauxhall Nova which I  transformed into a rally car over a period of 11 months. Like the Gt6, l admired the old school retro looks of the nova, and other hot hatches like the 205, Fiesta Xr2, Mg metro and Golf Mk1,  today Vauxhall Corsa has small similarities.

Both cars have small similarities like if you look closely above the wheel arches there are straight dent body panels which has been inherited from the Mk1 Nova through to the Vauxhall Nova Mk3 90s to the birth of the Corsa B.  Also the Corsa/Nova have their petrol caps in the same place, similar bonnets, window/ window frame designs and similar interior design as well.

Vauxhall Corsa 2011


Vauxhall Nova GSI 90s

Image result for vauxhall nova

It shows that the designs have gone back in time to take some inspiration from the old cars and give them to the new cars. But unlike the Gt6 I don’t mind seeing Vauxhall do this because it’s their own car and they show its evolution from the first time the car was launched to now. Many car companies do the same like VW, Ford and so on but in the Triumph’s case I don’t like the fact that BMW have stolen ideas from a car they didn’t produce. Maybe it’s just my way of thinking and others will disagree.

It has been an eye opener learning about these two key characters in Neo Futurism and I’m looking forward to learning more about Futurism so that I can bring some ideas into Graphic Communication.









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