6 word poster


Our brief was to design and create a six word poster which summaries a story of a novel written by Roahl Dahl. In my research I considered many of his stories but the novel I chose was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory because it was one of my favourite tales from  his collection and also it brings out the imagination that’s in us all.

To start the process I had to scrutinise the book and try to create a six word summary of the novel. This took a  lot of time and thought as I wanted the phrase to sound interesting so that it would attract people to the posterimg_52571

I came up with many six word descriptions like, ” A chocolate factory of pure imagination”, “ticket takes timid toddler to treasure” and “From good behaviour, comes fabulous gift”. But after a long time searching for suitable words in the dictionary and some feed back, I finally came to my 6 word summary; “Weak Whippersnapper Wins Willy Wonka’s Wealth”

After deciding it was time to design and  think about how to make the words stand out on the page by using hybography type.  My idea was to make it formal but with random hybography letters to show the random, crazy man that Willy Wonka’s character is.img_52581

When designing, many more ideas came to mind such as the idea that the “n” in whippersnapper will look like a mouth snapping down on to the “a” which gives an idea of snapping and also munching which goes well with the novel about a chocolate factory. Unlike my other six words, these words all start with “W” which brings a flowing alliteration to the poster. So to make the best of this I made sure that all the “W’s” are popping out of the poster.


This is the poster I created on illustrator showing my design ideas such as the snappin “n”, the “W’s” all bold and stand out. Also you can see the random hybography letters which gives the slight feeling that its gonna be a crazy adventure or the impression that not everything is what you think. I’m hoping it brings some uncertainty to the poster to illustrate the unpredictable developments in the novel.












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