Modular Typography

At the start of week two of the course, we started looking at modular typography, which is an alphabet constructed out of a limited number of shapes or modules that can be transformed by rotating, flipping and altering in other ways to create an entirely new alphabet.

There are many graphic designers who have come up with their own twist on an alphabet by using shapes or even surroundings. Joshua Ogden was an architect designer who  designed buildings based the surrounding buildings. He once created a modular typeface  using all the different buildings in the surrounding area of one of his buildings.


When he choose the buildings he drew the letters out in an alphabetic form and in the picture we can see the shapes of different buildings combined together to create a new alphabet. For some it will take a while to see the letters but that’s how modular typeface should be, creating an alphabet from imagination. This set a good team brief to create a modular typographic typeface of our own. The idea was that each group had different paper for example group one will have isometric paper, group 2 will have circular paper, another group will have graph paper and so on. Then everyone in the group would design a typeface of their own and then discuss in a group which team member’s typeface is the best. After the group decides we all chip in and design an alphabet out of that unique typeface.


My group and I agreed on this very exciting, modern and triangular typeface to take forward and create an alphabet. I was set the task by the original designer of the font to go ahead and design the “b”and the “d” which from these letters can be used to make the letters “p”, “q”, “g” and  “o”.  On the picture above you can see my thinking process from the pencil sketching showing some ideas to the point where the group and I agreed on a concept. This was a really creative workshop because it brought our design and imaginative ability. The team worked well together,  we all contributed in different ways and everyone’s input was valuable and got a place in the assignment to compose a successful modular typeface.






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