Friday 30th September, we started looking at Hybography which was a very interesting subject to learn about. The Hyb in Hybography means hybrid, this is defined as something being bred from two or more different races, species, breads or varieties. Our task on Friday was to create our own typographic hybrid print of an action word. The hybrid word had to have a combination of San serif and Serif words in the letters.


In the example picture we can see two different typefaces and some letters with Serif and San serifs. After much time spent designing and playing around with serifs and san serifs I came up with an ideal Hybography action word.


I decided to use “Brake” as my word because there are many ways of showing this action. My first thought when contemplating the word “brake” was the motion of braking in a vehicle or when on a bike. When braking the body moves forward, so the letter needs to imitate this and as seen in the picture I placed the letters of the word on a slant to show the motion of braking. Then I combined serif and San serif letters to improve the effect and also turned “brake” into a hybrid type. My thought process was to use lower case letters at the start of the word and upper case letters at the end of the word which gives the impression of a sudden halt. I also decided to have the “b”in a lower case serif which looks lighter than a san serif letter and have a big bold “E” in a San serif typeface which is more aggressive to imply the braking.  When I considered the word “brake” I imagined  the thinking time when braking in a car or on a bike which gave me the idea of using the hybrid letters in the letters “r”, “a” and “k” . I hope that the combination of the Serif and San Serif illustrates the confusion and the thinking time before jumping on the brake pedal.

Hybography really was an interesting and very quirky subject to use in our work as graphic designers. With the brief we have been set to create a six word story of any of Roald Dahl’s novels, we are asked to use hybography typeface to create the poster which will enhance our knowledge and development of using hybography in our work. This will be a great opportunity to amplify my  work on hybography because, even though I am satisfied with my brake action word, it doesn’t look professional and needs some work. But on the other hand it is a good starting point from which I can advance my hybography typeface to create an effective hybographic poster.







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