Induction to blog and first week at Graphic Communication

Welcome to my blog, on here I will be posting my journey studying Graphic Communication in Cardiff Metropolitan University. It will be reflective blog of my work at the university and also will hold my thoughts and ideas regarding design and communication in every day life.

It’s been a very successful first week of studying at the University, the course began by looking at Typography which has been an eye opening subject to study, learning about the different anatomy of typography.  I have enjoyed the practical side of the course, being placed in groups to go out into the city centre to research  different terminology of typography letter forms on street signage, market stalls, logos and billboards around the city. Following this we were set a task to gather evidence of a number of typographic terms by photographing the vernacular typography of Cardiff city centre.

Kelly’s records market stall in the city market was one of the places we got plenty of typography letter forms from the old classic and vintage records. As you can see there were plenty of records to look through!.


In the afternoon session back in the Graphic Communication studio, our group and others began selecting our favourite letter forms from the research we gathered that morning. After we found our favourite, we had to outline and cut out the letter from that letter form and combine all of the letters together with the other groups. After all the research and team work from all the groups were complete, we created this colourful and unique piece which explores the classifications and fundamentals of typography and it documents the different vernacular typography in the city centre of Cardiff. This project has made me realise that in our line of work, we can focus on  the most detailed aspects of a company or business and allow customers/audience recognise the business through the smallest features. Similarly this project resembles the city but not how people know it. It’s Cardiff in letter forms.


Friday we started looking at Hybography and in the following days I will be posting my work and research on the brief that has been set for us to do by Monday 10th of October. The brief is to come up with a six word story that encapsulates the essence of a Roald Dahl story of my choice. It has to be created on an A3  typographic poster using hybrid letter forms.


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