Digital Me: Manifesto

Manifesto-Benjamin G

The first deliverable for this project was a Manifesto of yourself. In this Manifesto we had to write about what kind of designer you are and in what do you believe in, in the practice. Over the last year I have had a very keen interest in persuasion and how we graphic designers can influence people. It’s a very interesting topic but when I think about it in my opinion a good design is something that can be interactive and can be influential on the target audience.

Persuasion is a big motivation for me in my design work because it’s useful for the practice and also I would like in the future to work with campaigns and design work that can persuade or influence people. Next years dissertation I am also doing it on the topic of persuasion and it’s power in graphic design which is another factor to why I am writing the manifesto about Persuasion.

I designed the Manifesto around my self image. Using Universe typeface it creates a contemporary feel with the modern Magenta colour and the grayscale image. I wanted to make it Contemporary because I believe my design work is more focused to being contemporary and futuristic.


Digital Me – Introduction

The next few weeks we are focusing our attentions at our selves. In this new task called Digital me we are making us aware of ourselves and what kind of designer we are and what we have to offer to the industry of Graphic Design.

Unfortunately I was absent from the first session of Digital me but I have read up and tried to understand the task in hand.

In the next couple of weeks at the end of this second term we as an individual have an opportunity to review and then rethink or redesign our work from Field and Subject. Then following so we must choose our best piece of work to present in the exhibition at the end of the year.

Also in this final task we as level 5 student have to present 5 different deliverable out comes which are, a Manifesto/ Creative Brief of our PoV, an Email letter and Cv, a Portfolio with a research and development plan. And then an online presence and an outcome to show for our end of year exhibition.

From catching up after being absent I have seen how helpful it would of been if I was able to be in but from the reading of the introduction of this project I have seen how useful this task would be because it will be interesting to discover what am I like as a designer and to start getting cv and portfolio ready for the future when searching for jobs in this field.

Persuasive Client Project: Presentation, Rule of Three Analysis.

Thursday we had our Final Presentations. In this presentation we had the opportunity to speak in our group in front of our clients, lectures and also other groups and their clients. We would all individually discuss our work and what we did for them and then following the presentations we had a final opportunity to discuss our work with clients and have a debrief about the project.

In the presentation I showed the male figure poster work and also the female figure poster work in different contexts. Also I showed the Facebook page if they had their own identity and GIF. But unfortunately I couldn’t of place the GIF on to the presentation but client discussion after the presentation I took the opportunity to show them the final GIF design.

For future preparation for client presentation I analysed my presentation and how I spoke in a Rule of three analysis. Doing so will prepare me for future up and coming presentations and also for future client work.

Collectively (Positives)

  • Gathering useful information together and sharing it within the group. This was done very well in our group which benefited us individually and also benefited our work. We also forward any information and emails from clients through email and Facebook Messenger.
  • Discussions. In our group discussions following tutor meetings we all gathered for a debriefing which made us all understand our next steps in the work development and what needs to be done. This was mostly beneficial at the start of the project when working on the identity for the charity.
  • Consistent. Deciding on similar colours and agreeing that the identity should be playful and teenage focus was consistent in each of our individual work.

Collectively (Negatives)

  • Reaching Deadlines. After Easter holidays all of us in group had a lack of work to show for this project which made us all catch up over the last 3 weeks.
  • Preparation for presentation. Before the presentations we had some technical difficulties putting work together which made us anxious before the presentation which effected our confidence when it came to speaking.

Individually (Positives)

  • Experimenting. I was pleased with my confidence in experimenting with paint and combining paint into the mix. The use of my photography has given me a new look on to graphic design because this project has showed me that the collaboration of photos and type can work successfully together.
  • Target Audience. The clients really like my worked and they believed that both the female and male work successfully targeted the audience 17-24 years of age.
  • Taking Constructive Criticism. Working with clients in graphic design there is a lot of constructive criticism expected. Unfortunately my logo was criticised but I took the feedback and went back to rethink the design for the identity. Also with the posters, the language and typefaces where changed numerous times but this was to achieve the clients needs.

Individually (Negatives)

  • Exploring. I am very pleased with the work I have done but unfortunately I believe that I failed to explore further and move away from the poster idea. The GIF was a chance to move away but I didn’t develop more than one design.
  • Logo. The logo design has taught me to research further into logos that are out there already. The original logo I had designed looked similar to a number of companies and charities.
  • Presentation. Thursday I was worried about the presentation because Wednesday I spent the day doing unnecessarily changes on the posters because I wasn’t confident with my work. Instead of doing this I should be more confident in my work and to prepare for the presentation. With the lack of preparation I didn’t explain my work and say the things I wanted to say in my presentation.  Luckily I had the client discussion after to recap over the work and say the things I wanted to say.


In my opinion this persuasion project has taught me numerous things from persuasion strategies to client communication and discussions. Also this live project has given me a client experience which has made me change the way I design and redesign things. Coming away from this project has also shown me how important it is to take the constructive criticism from the clients because its what they want that counts and to make sure that I can produce something that they won’t expect to wow them. Using my photographs is another benefit that has come to light in this project because before I wouldn’t use my own photos but by combining my hobby it has paid off and worked successfully alongside graphic design.


Persuasion Client Project: Female Figure

Following a tutor discussion I decided that this campaign needed a female figure alongside the male figure to target the other gender for the charity. I decided that I should collaborate the same ideas from the male into the female posters to make the campaign consistent making sure that people don’t get confused.

The first idea was to create a bright and cheerful poster for the female figure which would be the same as the first blue background poster of the male. This poster will show the target audience the cheery and positive side of joining the charity.

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This was some of the chosen images from the photoshoot before the editing process.


This was the answer after a long photoshoot I chose this image to be used as the bright and funky advertisement poster because it attracts the audience with a smile and it looks pleasing. Also the image works well in magazines because the fact it’s pleasing and suitable. But I also wanted to design an emotional fighting poster like the other male image.


Like the previous fighting poster the image is of a character marking themselves with the battle paint which resembles the pride and joining of a tribe which encourages youngsters to sign up. But instead of a landscape I decided to create a portrait poster, the reason for this was to expand the variety of places the posters can be placed and seen by the audience.

In my opinion these posters match accurately with the male posters and having a female figure as broaden the advertisement of the charity. If I had more time I would make sure that the posters match even closer by making sure that the male cheerful poster had the battle paint markings on him and also made sure that the female battle paint poster had a black back ground which would enhance the emotion and feeling of putting on the coloured markings.

Persuasion Client Project: Connections

In the client brief it is obvious that the charities objectives is to attract new volunteers. To date I have done to posters both appealing to the audience for volunteers. The first was a motivational one to join the fight against cancer. The other is a persuasive happy look to appeal to the youngsters. But only the GIFS show the benefits of the volunteering and one of those is to make connections and mixing with others. This is a very persuasive appeal for people to volunteer so I thought about creating a persuasive poster by designing it on the benefits of making connections.

I decided to use the paint again for this poster because it makes the work consistent for the charity and also the effect it has on the black background and it also when used on human figures it gives a representation of battle and pride.

While experimenting with the paint and taking photos of them I came across a useful image to use for this poster to show connection.


As the paints flow into each other it makes the representation of links and connecting. After choosing the photo I enhanced the colours through the use of Photoshop doing so brings the colours out and makes the pop out from the black back ground.

Next was to add the information and using the new logo and typefaces.

A5 Hand outs

In my opinion this poster is quick and simple and it would work well as bus advertisements because it is bright and bold and also attracts attention. Using the brush typeface not only makes the poster unique but also enhances the identity of the charity.


Persuasion Client Project: New Identity


My original logo design for the Teen Spirit charity was this, which had mixed feedback from the clients and the group. They liked the idea of the design and the symbol works as a shape of a “t” and also it has the freedom image in it. But the clients believed that it looked like other logos such as these,

With this knowledge I decided to go back and redesign the identity. I started to sketch numerous designs before finally getting a sketch I personally believed would work well for a logo.


The logo was designed by sketching in a 2 point perspective of a T and then adding an S. After sketching it I brought the image into illustrator and played around with the design.


This was the outcome after I designed the logo through illustrator. In my opinion this logo is more out there, unique and also very contemporary to appeal to he young target audience. The next decision was about the type. I agreed that DIN is still the best typeface to use because its a contemporary design for a typeface and also the different strokes. But for the spirit I thought of changing the typeface to a brush stroke to make it more of a out there visual and it can be placed in different outcomes alongside the typeface.

In my opinion this design is more unique and it is a very contemporary design with its highlighted text and logo. Also the identity is a minimal design and would be perfect to be put on different objects like stationary, bands and clothes.

Persuasion Client Project – 2nd Meeting

On Tuesday we had our second meeting with our clients. In this meeting we had the opportunity to show them all the work we have individually done across Easter and to date. For this meeting I had the two poster ideas, the logo identity and also the digital Facebook GIF to show to them.

The clients feedback was very positive on the two poster examples. They said that the blue doored poster has a very youth full appeal to it with the modern and rustic collaboration that could be placed into magazines, newspapers and in booklets. But also the believed that the fight cancer poster was a very meaningful poster and would work more effective as a persuasive poster to attract the audience of volunteers. When I showed them the GIF they were very impressed with it and I suggested that by using these GIFS they can betray different messages and also make their Facebook and digital presence a lot more personal to Teen Spirit instead of Teenage Cancer Trust.

Unfortunately they weren’t sure about the logo because they had seen a similar logo before which was already been brought up before in one of the group tutorials. But they gave a very good constructive criticism and sent me an email with examples of logo look likes and gave me extra pointers on what their ideal logo would look like.

In the debrief of the meeting I have written a list on my next moves. The list is to create another GIF betraying a new message for the charity, to create contexts for my posters and also to make a female poster as well to go along with my male figure posters. One of the main things was to try and make another logo for the charity and to do so I will need to research further.